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The Mexican
Cuervo Tequila muddled with crushed red chilies, topped with a dollop of salsa. Garnished with a Ricotta cheese filled red pepper & Cayenne red pepper rim.

The Carnivore
Bacon infused Vodka, steak spice rim. Garnished with Prosciutto & Provolone cheese.

The Herbivore
Basil infused Jagermeister, topped with Clamato. Garnished with Bocconcini & Cherry Tomatoes

The Lemon
Citron Absolut Vodka, muddled Lemons, topped with Clamato. Rimmed with lemon pepper spice.

Gin & Juice
Van Gogh Gin, muddled Cucumber & cilantro, topped with Clamato.

The Japanese Fusion
Sake, Wasabi, mixed with Clamato & pickled Ginger.....Arigato!

Fish Bowls

The Girl Next Door
Sweet, sexy & underrated... Pomegranate liquor, Hypnotiq Raspberry vodka, soda & a splash of Cranberry juice.

The Mtn. Man
Will take the hair off your chest, but nicely... Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Southern Comfort with Orange Juice & Soda.

Blue Tongue
Absolut Raspberry vodka, soda & blue raspberry puree... tastes like a blue freezy!

Orange Creamsicle cooler drenched with Absolut Mandarin vodka, topped with Redbull & soda.

Lime Margarita
Cuervo tequila & Triple Sec with fresh squeezed lime & soda served on the rocks with sweet & salty lime.

Cherry Bomb
Jim Beam Cherry bourbon & Cherry liquor team up with soda and Cran.

The Peach
Peach Schnapps liquor & Absolut vodka mingled with a dash of peach syrup & sliced peaches.


Blue Raspberry Tini
Hypnotiq, Raspberry vodka & Chambord with a splash of lime to give you a new version of blue tongue

Espresso Tini
Van Gogh Espresso vodka topped with Kahlua

Hawaiian Punch Tini
SoHo lychee liquor, Hypnotiq, Absolut vodka & a splash of pineapple juice

Peanut Butter & Jelly Tini
Sour Raspberry & Frangelico liquor... yummers!

Banana Split Tini
Banana liquor, Creme de Cacao & Bailey's... mmm good!

Cotton Candy Tini
Bubble Gum vodka & Creme de Cacao liquor with a splash of Cranberry juice

Spicy Lychee Tini
Citron vodka, Lychee liquor and sliced red chilies for some zip

Lemon Drop Tini
Crushed lemons shaken with Citron vodka & sugar rim

Nutty Jamaican
Appleton dark rum co-mingles with Frangelico liquor for a unique taste sensation

The Fresh
Hendrick's gin served with muddled cucumber & squeezed lemon

Apple Pie Tini
Sour apple, Butter Ripple Schnapp's, pineapple and lime juice with a dash of cinnamon meld together to create the perfect pie

Cookies & Cream Tini
Creme de Cacao, Bailey's, Amaretto & something special for the rim

Jolly Rancher Tini
Raspberry Sour & Melon liquor mingle with a dash of cranberry juice

Caramel Apple Tini
Green Apple vodka, Butter Ripple Schnapp's & Sour Apple liquor shaken with a splash of apple juice

Gummie Bear Tini
Banana liquor & Raspberry Sourpuss with a dash of cranberry juice

Cake Batter Tini
Whip Cream flavoured vodka, Creme de Cacao, Amaretto, White Chocolate Godiva liquor & cream... a care bear's dream!

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Coors Light

Alexander Keiths IPA

Kootenay Mtn. Ale

Stella Artois

Miller Genuine Draft


Mt. Begbie Tall Timber

Mt. Begbie Nasty Habit IPA

Mt. Begbie Attila the Honey

On Tap

Mt. Begbie Kolsch

A pale, mildly hopped beer brewed right here in Revelstoke

Coolers & Ciders

Growers Extra Dry Apple Cider

Growers Extra Pear Cider

Bacardi Breezer Orange Smoothie

Smirnoff Ice


Monkey Stink

Banana liquor & Jagermeister topped with vanilla ice cream & Pepsi

Orange Creamsicle

Mandarin vodka, Golden Pear liqueur, 7-Up, vanilla ice cream & a splash of orange juice


Mug rootbeer served with rich vanilla ice cream smothered in Rootbeer Schnapps & Crown Royal

Strawberry Sunshine

Strawberry puree, 7-Up, served with Raspberry liqueur, Vanilla vodka & of course ice cream

Berry Champagne Fizz

Strawberry puree, Champagne & rich Vanilla ice cream... heaven in a glass!


Dom Perignon

Veuve Clicquot

Moet & Chandon

Domaine Chandon

Mini Henkell Trochen

Berries & Bubbles


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