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The Mexican
Cuervo Tequila muddled with crushed red chilies, topped with a dollop of salsa. Garnished with a Ricotta cheese filled red pepper & Cayenne red pepper rim.
The Carnivore
Bacon infused Vodka, steak spice rim. Garnished with Prosciutto & Provolone cheese.
The Herbivore
Basil infused Jagermeister, topped with Clamato. Garnished with Bocconcini & Cherry Tomatoes
The Lemon
Citron Absolut Vodka, muddled Lemons, topped with Clamato. Rimmed with lemon pepper spice.
Gin & Juice
Van Gogh Gin, muddled Cucumber & cilantro, topped with Clamato.
The Japanese Fusion
Sake, Wasabi, mixed with Clamato & pickled Ginger.....Arigato!

Fish Bowls

The Girl Next Door
Sweet, sexy & underrated... Pomegranate liquor, Hypnotiq Raspberry vodka, soda & a splash of Cranberry juice
The Mtn. Man
Will take the hair off your chest, but nicely... Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Southern Comfort with Orange Juice & Soda
Blue Tongue

Absolut Raspberry vodka, soda & blue raspberry puree... tastes like a blue freezy!
Orange Creamsicle cooler drenched with Absolut Mandarin vodka, topped with Redbull & soda
Lime Margarita
Cuervo tequila & Triple Sec with fresh squeezed lime & soda served on the rocks with sweet & salty lime
Cherry Bomb
Jim Beam Cherry bourbon & Cherry liquor team up with soda and Cran
The Peach
Peach Schnapps liquor & Absolut vodka mingled with a dash of peach syrup & sliced peaches


Blue Raspberry Tini
Hypnotiq, Raspberry vodka & Chambord with a splash of lime to give you a new version of blue tongue
Espresso Tini
Van Gogh Espresso vodka topped with Kahlua
Hawaiian Punch Tini
SoHo lychee liquor, Hypnotiq, Absolut vodka & a splash of pineapple juice
Peanut Butter & Jelly Tini
Sour Raspberry & Frangelico liquor... yummers!
Banana Split Tini
Banana liquor, Creme de Cacao & Bailey's... mmm good!
Cotton Candy Tini
Bubble Gum vodka & Creme de Cacao liquor with a splash of Cranberry juice
Spicy Lychee Tini
Citron vodka, Lychee liquor and sliced red chilies for some zip
Lemon Drop Tini
Crushed lemons shaken with Citron vodka & sugar rim
Nutty Jamaican
Appleton dark rum co-mingles with Frangelico liquor for a unique taste sensation
The Fresh
Hendrick's gin served with muddled cucumber & squeezed lemon
Apple Pie Tini
Sour apple, Butter Ripple Schnapp's, pineapple and lime juice with a dash of cinnamon meld together to create the perfect pie
Cookies & Cream Tini
Creme de Cacao, Bailey's, Amaretto & something special for the rim
Jolly Rancher Tini
Raspberry Sour & Melon liquor mingle with a dash of cranberry juice
Caramel Apple Tini
Green Apple vodka, Butter Ripple Schnapp's & Sour Apple liquor shaken with a splash of apple juice
Gummie Bear Tini
Banana liquor & Raspberry Sourpuss with a dash of cranberry juice
Cake Batter Tini
Whip Cream flavoured vodka, Creme de Cacao, Amaretto, White Chocolate Godiva liquor & cream... a care bear's dream!

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